Tim Burr


Founder of Return to Dirt, Tim decided that he would bring adaptive motorsports to other disabled athletes after realizing that driving his truck was an activity that he could do just as well as he could before becoming a quadriplegic. He’s known for fart jokes and avoiding schoolwork so he can spend more time pushing the limits of his stock pickup in the woods.

Brandon Martinez

Vice President

Tim Burr’s left handed, right hand man. Brandon and Tim grew up together in Glenwood Springs, Colorado taking advantage of everything the small mountain town had to offer. While getting his degree in Health and Exercise Science and Business, he also dedicated himself to learning more about Spinal Cord Injuries. He spends his free time outside and eating kale.

Justine Arnold


Bonjour! Hailing from France, we are proud to call Justine our resident CPA and tax dork. She graduated from Western State Colorado University with a double Major in Business Administration and Accounting. She brings much financial expertise and resources to our team at RTD. When she’s not spending absurd amounts of time preparing tax returns, she enjoys shopping, being outdoors, and scoffing at American croissants.

Peter Noon

Board Member

Peter (aka PFN aka Dad) is an Alaskan transplant who earned a degree in Psychology and Business Administration from Western State Colorado University. He has since stretched his wings by accepting a full-time position in the school’s marketing department. Being one of the rare knuckle-draggers with a 401k, Peter has redefined the term “professional snowboarder.” But seriously, his reliability, thoughtfulness and positivity are indispensable assets to R2D’s board. Fun fact: Peter is a lifelong pescatarian (not to be confused with Presbyterian).

Luke Arnold

Board Member

Luke doesn’t just bring his good looks and flowing locks to our team, he also brings his outstanding sense of humor, immense intelligence, riveting dedication, and impressive athleticism. Combining these attributes with his education in Business, Marketing, Sports Psychology and experience in management and marketing has led him to slightly above average accomplishments throughout his life. Included in these accomplishments is sitting on the Board of Directors of Return to Dirt.

Dylan Hagan

Board Member

Dylan is a first generation Colorado native who currently lives in Lake Tahoe. As a graduate of Sierra Nevada College with degrees in Ski Business and Outdoor Adventure Leadership, he is well versed in the mountain bum lifestyle. Currently he is trying to ditch the rent payment and adopt the “home is where you park it” mentality. Dylan is passionate about all things dirt as well as a new found addiction to fly fishing. He hopes to use his outdoor guide skills to connect return to dirt athletes to the landscapes they love.