Tim Burr


An idea born from personal experience, Tim founded Return to Dirt as a way to share the freedom and excitement he found in hand-drive  adapted vehicles with others in the disabled community. A quadriplegic since a back-country ski crash in 2014, Tim stays busy running R2D, fly fishing, and regularly testing the limits of whatever adapted vehicle he’s sitting in. 

Brandon Martinez

Vice President

Tim Burr’s left-handed, right hand man. Brandon and Tim grew up together in Glenwood Springs, Colorado taking advantage of everything the small mountain town has to offer. Currently working for an outdoor lifestyle media agency in Carbondale, he is on a mission to make his outdoor interests a full-time job. When he isn’t “working,” he spends his free time outside and eating kale.

Justine Arnold


Justine is the rock to our island, the H 2 our O, the Excel to our Microsoft. Without her, R2D accounting would be a shoebox filled with coffee stained receipts, regret, and anxiety. We are lucky to have Justine on as our resident CPA, but Justine is more than just a smoking gun of tax knowledge. She is a world traveler who grew up in France and has been living the cheeseburger dream in America for all of her adult life. Whether it’s God Bless America or Vive la France, you know Justine is holdin’ it down for R2D.  

Peter Noon

Board Member

Peter (aka PFN aka Dad) is an Alaskan transplant who lives, works and plays in the Gunnison Valley. Being one of the rare knuckle-draggers with a 401k, Peter has redefined the term “professional snowboarder.” But seriously, his reliability, thoughtfulness and positivity are indispensable assets to R2D’s board. Fun fact: Peter is a lifelong pescatarian (not to be confused with Presbyterian).

Luke Arnold

Board Member

Initially brought on as our emotional support animal, Luke has grown so much outside of this role with Return to Dirt. Currently located in Hawai’i, Luke supports not only our emotions but also our digital marketing needs. As a young professional in hospitality, Luke makes sure we are sharp on our business acumen. Whether it’s public outreach or drawing cartoon characters we can count on Luke to deliver what we need right on late.

Dylan Hagan

Board Member

Dylan, Hookin’ Hagan, Cap’n or most affectionately named: TRAIL BOSS, is our athletes’ co-pilot on the trail! Catch him shotgun in the RZR showing athletes the ways of our cars, or leading trail on his dirt bike. Dylan is passionate about connecting Return to Dirt athletes to landscapes they love and showing all the opportunities the mountains have to offer. He also works as a fly fishing guide when he’s not mobbin’ with Return To Dirt!