Xen Technology Group, LLC

Xen-tech showed their belief in Return to Dirt’s mission by pledging to purchase 100 percent of our first side-by-side. Their generosity is one huge step towards making our disabled athlete’s outdoor goals a reality. Xen-tech, your impact has been felt and we truly appreciate the support.

Bank of Colorado

Bank of Colorado (Glenwood Springs) agreed to quarterly donations that go directly to athlete scholarships. Scholarships are given to chosen individuals for Return to Dirt trips so they can experience the backcountry once again regardless of personal cost. As an integral piece of the foundation that we’ve built this organization on, thank you for your continued support.

RCR Performance

RCR Performance volunteered to pass down their knowledge and expertise to guide R2D towards a hand drive, accessible and safe offroad vehicle. They are an indispensable part of our foundation and couldn’t have done it without them.

ZBROZ Racing

The official suspension sponsor of Return to Dirt. ZBROZ builds suspension equipment that lends to Return to Dirt’s goals when modifying our equipment: Safety, stability, capability, and reliability.

PRP Seats

PRP Seats came through by treating Return to Dirt exceptionally well and showing us the way to high quality, handicap friendly seats and safety harnesses. Thank you PRP for your knowledge and expertise!

Wheel Pros Powersports

The official wheel, tire, and suspension sponsor of Return to Dirt.

EFX Tires

EFX Tires are the official Tire sponsor for Return to Dirt.

Clyde’s Customs

Clyde’s Customs has given us all around graphic support. Thanks to their help, R2D’s brand will stand out professionally and help us grow disability awareness near and far.

Sure Grip Hand Controls

Sure Grip equipment is the foundation of accessible adaptations on all of R2D’s vehicles. Controlling the accelerator and brake is the most necessary process when driving with mobility impairments and Sure Grip makes that possible.

Fuel Offroad

Fuel Offroad is the official wheel sponsor of Return to Dirt.